Starknet Vision

Eli Ben Sasson

What follows is an attempt to answer the question: “What is Starknet’s mission and vision?” The answer, which evolved over ...

blockchain security

Stubborn, or Steadfast?

Eli Ben Sasson

Why stay steadfast in working on security markets deem unneeded This week I sat down with one of Starknet’s Core ...

Blockchain is puny, here’s the math to make it mighty

Eli Ben Sasson

Blockchain is puny. Yes, it’s the technology of the future, poised to radically transform the way we move money, sign ...

Cambrian Explosion of Cryptographic Proofs

Eli Ben Sasson

The transformative potential for scalability, transparency, and privacy TL;DR Note: This article is based on a talk by Professor Eli ...

Circle stark stwo

Why I’m excited by Circle STARK and Stwo

Eli Ben Sasson

Why I’m excited by Circle STARK and Stwo 15th Mar 2024 Research published last month represents one of the most exciting breakthroughs for ...